Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Harry Potter / Wizarding Activities are Up on Lemonade

The first phase of my wizarding activities updates can now be found here: http://llemonade.com/wizard.html
Along with the older activities, I've added quite a few new ones. I'm still playing around with the sorting of ideas, and will be adding more pictures as I go.

Harry Potter chocolate frog in box

The updates include instructions on the Honeydukes candy, extra recipes for butterbeer and pumpkin juice, a recipe for firewhiskey, and instructions for making waxen hands of glory (along with pics).

Honeydukes party assortment of Harry Potter candy

All the original games and activities are still there as well. I will be adding more games and educational activities over the next few weeks as I separate out the "party" and "educational" activities into their own pages.

Now to find that Puffskein knitting pattern...I don't think I made that one up and I would like to find the original source. Anyone happen to know it offhand? It's a great first-time knitter's project.

fire-breathing dragon cake that uses dry ice in a chamber to breathe smoke
pentagonal chocolate frog boxAlso on the page you can find links to crafts including shrunken house elf heads (apple doll heads),links to many recipes not found elsewhere on the internet, and a template for a chocolate frog box. There is lots more there too, including ideas for Hogwarts classes.

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